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TeamViewer-IoT Connector

30 Oct 2020, 15:37

I am trying to get the TeamViewer-IoT Node-Red connector to work and I am having issues

I have follower all the steps from ... ta-p/48650 (without the step 4 example) and from ... ta-p/55868.

But metrics/sensors created in Node-Red are not displaying in TeamViewer-IoT

TeamViewer themselves are having issues and say "The problems is that the node-red on the revpi is running as a service and this is generating an error on our connector."

Help Please. Thankyou
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Re: TeamViewer-IoT Connector

16 Nov 2020, 18:05

Hi Firmin, we are going to make a tutorial for using TeamViewer-IOT. But this will also refer to the official TeamViewer tutorials. Can you point the TeamViewer support here to share the ideas with the whole community? If we share the errors and possible ideas to fix this we can all benefit here.

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