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How to run multiple programs in RevPiPyLoad?

13 Feb 2021, 02:50

I am trying to start multiple programs with RevPiPyLoad.
In the file /etc/revpipyload/revpipyload.conf I can add a single program ( to the "plcprogram" line and this works.
How do I make 2 programs both run?
Something like:
plcprogram = ;
All the examples found in online documentation only show one program.
Thank you for any help.
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Re: How to run multiple programs in RevPiPyLoad?

21 Feb 2021, 19:44

Hi elboyoloco1080!

I'm sorry to say that, but RevPiPyLoad can handle just one program!

As a workaround you could create a "" file, where you import the other files with your programs, you like to run.

A little tricky thing is to handle the SIGTERM signal in the file. You have to pass the signal to the other modules by calling a ".stop()" function for example.

If you need some code, let me know!

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