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C# Deployment and PLC Interaction

13 Sep 2019, 07:45

Hi everyone,

I have just gone across your range of products, and I am pretty interested on its capabilities to deploy within our IoT industrial solutions. I just would like to place a couple of questions before proceeding with an order.

Main purposes will be to exchange data between Modbus TCP/RTU slaves to an SQL Server Db, also with PLCs to an SQL Server / OPC.
So mainly need to be capable of connect to handle SQL Server Connections, a RS485 connection, TCP Connections, and finally a Software that easily interfaces with PLCs to read their data tags.

1. Can you install any .Net / C# application as usually using mono?
2. Do you offer any module specially designed to interface with PLCs (read/write data) not keen on using the IOs. We have been using “Advanced HMI” as interface as it includes lots of communication drivers, I am aware of Codesys.
3. Do you deliver to Australia?
4. Any particular module you would suggest for the purpose described above?
5. Do you offer any higher industrial case or version? Will be deploying it on pretty harsh conditions on mine sites with outside temperatures above 45 degrees on summer

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Re: C# Deployment and PLC Interaction

13 Sep 2019, 11:23

  1. yes you can do this just have a look at the search forum in the forum as there are a lot links and experienced community members out there
  2. Yes we have a lot of Slave Gateway Modules. For HMI you may also use PROCON-WEB-IoT .
  3. yes, if you want a special offer just write an email to sales@kunbus.de or use our online shop
  4. You can use theRevPi Connect or RevPi Connect + Module. It has a RS485 interface included and the Modbus TCP / RTU connection can be handled by virtual devices.
    Just have a look at the Video Tutorials: Tutorial 20 – Modbus TCP Master, Tutorial 21 – Modbus RTU Master, Tutorial 22 – Modbus TCP Slave, Tutorial 23 – Modbus RTU Slave
  5. Well I must say that this high outside temperature could lead to problems. The devices are passive cooled and the temperature inside will always be higher than the outside. Have a look here for instructions how to mount the devices on a DIN rail. Have a look at the spec sheet here for the operating temperature ranges.

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