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Any chance of a Bacnet/IP gateway?

25 Mar 2019, 11:22

Hello, I was curious if you guys gad any plans for releasing a Bacnet/IP gateway module. Our company could find a lot of uses for your product, but we tend to mostly use Bacnet/MSTP and Bacnet/IP for all of our networks. I know we could use a protocol converter device, but it would be much simpler if you had a native device that could talk Bacnet.
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Re: Any chance of a Bacnet/IP gateway?

16 Aug 2019, 08:32

We currently do not see enough market potential for us to develop a library or our own device.
There are open source projects or purchase stacks or the BACnet stack for Codesys (300 €).
Then you don't need an additional device but run the stack on the Connect or Core3.

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