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brick - state

Posted: 22 Nov 2019, 23:56
by milla
I have issue with my new revPi core 3+ it doesn't boot at all and I cannot see the boot drive.

This is how it happened:
1. After first start of revPi I made an image backup according to the instruction ... d-stretch/ using Windows10
2. I made some software changes
3. I made a new image after the changes, again step by step following that documentation
4. I wanted to restore "clear" image from point 1. I chose an image and G drive as it was labelled "boot" just like on the example. I started the write process, but there an error pop up (unfortunatelly I dont have a print screen).
5. Since then I cannot see revPi boot on any system (I have few of them including ubuntu) , neither I can write an image.

I had issues with signing up to this forum as using few email addresses didn't work (activation link never came). The contact with support is really hard - they just ignored my emails with description. The is not a hobby device and I try to use it in my prototype project in the industry. But it doesn't sounds too professional when my ask for help is just totally disregard.

Can anybody suggest what I can do to unbrick the revPi?

Re: brick - state

Posted: 26 Nov 2019, 13:37
by dirk
Hi milla and welcome to the RevPi Community. You may use "Greenshot" to perform nice screenshots. The first post of a new user has to be permitted manually. Maybe you just have catched us at the week end. So try this idea - to disable the driver signature on windows 10:

Re: brick - state

Posted: 03 Dec 2019, 19:40
by milla
well after teen tries I managed to put image from your page. I guess image that was made in a first place was corrupted somehow. Still I really had issues with both - making post here to be visible, and login into as customer to download the image. All my emails including company email, was not receiving the link.

Re: brick - state

Posted: 04 Dec 2019, 07:42
by dirk
Dear milla, I will verify the EMail problems with our IT specialists. As I mentioned the first post of a new user has to be verified manually so maybe you have catched us at the week end. The image you have downloaded with the ZIP file also has a MD5 sum file where you can check if the file has been reliable downloaded. You may use the free tool WinMD5Free. Anyway a warm welcome to the RevPi Community!