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RevPi with logiCAD3, a GUI and TCP/IP Communication

09 Jan 2019, 12:19

Dear all,

three different questions in one thread concerning the RevPi Core 3, which runs a logiCAD-controll program:

  1. Is it possible to connect a monitor to the RevPi (e.g. via the micro HDMI plug) and create a graphical user interface with logiCAD3 on it?
    Background infos:
    My constraint is to use logiCAD3 (or any other structured text tool) AND I want to provide a GUI. As for now, I use a RasbPi for the GUI, which receives and sends variables from and to the RevPi via a Ethernet-connection and revpimodio2. But only the RevPi is IEC 61131-2 conform, the RasbPi is not. My application is to run outdoors (-20°C to +40°C).
    So I think a far more elegant way would be to only use the RevPi to complete both the control tasks and the GUI simultaneously.
  2. How can I realise a TCP/IP communication with a Beckhoff PLC and my RevPi in logiCAD? I have little to no experience in serial communication with protocols such as ethernet. Maybe this questions belong more to logicals, but Kunbus is also a communication specialist, so maybe someone can help.
    Background infos:
    My application is to amend a existing machine which is controlled by a Beckhoff PLC. Only when the Beckhoff PLC sends a signal to the RevPi, certain actions should be executed. It is not an option to use only one PLC to control both machines.
  3. Is it valid to say that programming in ST with logiCAD has security advantages over programming in python? I know this sounds a bit stupid as the program can only be as "secure" or "safe" as the manually programmed logic is able to handle errors and eventualities. But I wonder why so many industrial PCs and PLCs stick to ST or ladder logic etc. and do not use python, C++ or similar.
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Re: RevPi with logiCAD3, a GUI and TCP/IP Communication

10 Jan 2019, 15:59

I have moved the topic here to the Logi.CAD board in order that the specialists here will guide and support you with your ideas.
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Re: RevPi with logiCAD3, a GUI and TCP/IP Communication

14 Jan 2019, 16:16

Dear Frido,

thank you for your request!
to 1)
The RevPi offers a micro HDMI port for the connection of a monitor. For viewing and modifying PLC program values the best option would be using a visualization. Therefore please see: ... -erstellen

to 2)
TCP communication can be realized via MQTT, please see: ... rchfuehren

to 3)
Thank you for this question. In my humble opionion you can't say, that using program languages like ST, FBD, ladder diagram,... is more secure than using C++, python or similar, but by using this PLC program languages you can be sure, that some user errors or errors during the runtime of the system (e.g. divisions by zero) are handled by the runtime system and will not end in a system lock-up. Using PLC programm languages will also make your programs more exchangeable to other systems. It also allows to run different program parts with different cycle time, and so on.

kind regards

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