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Loading external libs

27 Mar 2019, 18:09

I'm trying to load the external c/c++ libraries (https://bitbucket.org/qbrobotics/qbdevice-api) in a program I'm writing: I need to write a block that will use some of the methods provided in the lib and I can compile the lib in my windows machine as well as on the revpi. I loaded the libraries as described here https://help.logicals.com/lco3docu/late ... -einbinden and I get an error when compiling
Description Resource Path Location Type fatal error: bits/c++config.h: No such file or directory qbrSofthand line 41, external location: c:\parthto\ide\lc3c\plugins\com.logicals.compiler.gcc.raspbian.win32_7.1.0.2\bin\armv6-logicals-linux-gnueabihf\armv6-logicals-linux-gnueabihf\include\c++\7.1.0\cstdlib C/C++ Problem

This is due to the cross compilation of the libraries, which is not handled correctly. Did anybody try to do that?

More in general, the application needs to receive some commands from an ethercat master and, depending on the commands, trigger some of the functionalities of the library. I do not need explicitely logi.rts, so any other suggestion will be ok.


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