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RevPi Core 3 with Pilz module and GSM module

24 Apr 2019, 12:36

ImageGood Morning
I am an beginer into the World of industrial PiCore usage, I have an system that is dedicated build for factory line work, I had been tried to use Node - Red to communicate with the Rev PI core and with the GSM module to try to send an text over from the node red directly to an outside user user the GSM module with an pre paid sim to send an message over, I had no idea where I went wrong besides the obvious output error message of the MQTT not connecting but in think there an issues overall with the system connection between all of the hardware. I had added the code bellow. My questions are : Are there an need of an specific driver for the system to communicate, can PNOZ software be used to allow the pilz module to communicate with the Rev PI and therefore the Rev Pi to communicate with the GSM module to send the message over.
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Re: RevPi Core 3 with Pilz module and GSM module

10 May 2019, 09:55

Dear rudr, I have attached the Node-RED code and made a picture out of it so that we have an overview.
I think your idea to use Node-RED is a great idea here because of the simplicity and ease of understanding.
2019-05-10 09_39_31-Node-RED.png
Node-Red Flow
2019-05-10 09_39_31-Node-RED.png (46.26 KiB) Viewed 2412 times
So I have understood that you want to sent SMS via this GSM module, right? The GSM module has a serial interface.

1) Start without Node-RED. Start with a serial terminal, i.e. Minicom
2) If the SMS sending works with the serial terminal then go over to Node-RED
3) If this works you can connect the MQTT.
4) Connect the PNOZ using a Modbus-TCP connection. See Tutorial 20 – Modbus TCP Master
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