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19 Jul 2018, 15:04

Yes, it took a long time... But finally we can offer Stretch for our RevPi family. please go to
for a free download.
  • Our new image does support the new Revpi Connect (which will be available in our online shop and also will be delivered end of next week)
  • It is based on the kernel version 4.9.76.
  • We integrated our virtual module "RevPi7" which enables you to exchange data with an S7 without changing the installed control software.
  • Many packets come with newest versions.
  • Details can be read in our release notes which come with the download zip file

RevPi7 is no freeware. You are allowed to use it for test purpose or private purpose without license fee. When using it commercially you need to purchase a license. please contact for a quote.
We are sorry but there will be no possibility to install Stretch on a revpi Core 1.
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